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Wart Removal

Wart Removal Treatment at ARYS Health

Do you feel ashamed of those tiny grainy skin growths that appear on your skin and give you an embarrassing feeling when you get in close contact with someone? These single dotted or clustered growths, often known as warts or skin tags, are caused by a virus named Papillomavirus. These warts are contagious and can spread to other people and even to other areas of your body through direct or indirect contact. Before delving into the various available treatments for managing these warts, including genital wart treatment, let’s explore the underlying reasons for their spread and their overall nature.

Why Do Warts Appear?

Warts are transmitted through human papillomavirus (HPV) which is through a common virus but not every HPV ends as a wart. This virus may enter the body through damaged skin or nail-biting habit while sometimes sexual contact also become a reason for these warts. However, the developing of warts depend upon the immune system of each individual.

Different Types of Warts

  • Grainy or fleshy bumps
  • White, pink or tan-coloured
  • Dotted like clotted blood vessels

When do you Need Wart Removal Treatment?

It has been suggested by doctors that if these warts turn painful or change their appearance, or numerous warts start growing on your skin, do not hesitate to consult a physician immediately for wart removal.

ARYS Health

If you are annoyed with these unwanted irritating skin growths and want to get rid of them with ease and through expert hands, ARYS health is the actual place you need to go. Medical staff at ARYS health provides comprehensive care and treat the problem with ultimate excellence which is a benchmark of this medical centre.

Warts Removal Treatment

At ARYS Health, you can get fast and effective treatment for all kind of warts. Depending on the nature of warts, ARYS Health offers three different types of wart removal procedures. Let’s have a glance;

Treatment Options

ARYS Health offers the following treatments for wart removal depending on the nature of these skin tags;

  • Freezing
  • Laser treatment
  • Minor Surgery (if required)
  • Cryotherapy or Freezing

This therapy is perfect for the smaller and minor kind of warts, including genital wart treatment, where the whole procedure is quite simple and easily affordable. The wart removal specialists at ARYS apply liquid nitrogen spray to the affected area. Liquid nitrogen turns the wart to blisters for the next few days before falling from their place. However, the complicated kind of warts that are resistant needs some pairing down procedure that is conducted through the emery board. But the good thing about this procedure is that it’s never painful. Occlusal cream is also used to burn the wart and get easy removal by wrapping it with a tape. People with minor warts like to undergo this treatment as it is cost-friendly and not much time-consuming.


  • Minor Surgery

Though it is a minor surgery but nothing to be afraid of because local anesthetics are used to make it least painful. At ARYS, the doctors go for surgery only in a case if the warts are in the form of numerous clusters or have appeared at very delicate skin areas. The whole procedure is just a few minutes where the doctors snip off warts and sear the affected area to avoid future reoccurrence of these warts.


  • Laser Wart Removal

In case you are worried of resistant warts that appear frequently and are hard to remove through freezing or minor surgery procedure, laser wart removal is the prompt and most effective solution offered by ARYS Health to get rid of these. The procedure involves local numbness on the affected area. Once the wart has been numbed, it is removed layer by layer as High-Frequency Radio-waves target water component of the cells in the wart.

Down Time:

Could be 2-3 days or heals within a week. Risk of scarring and pigmentation is uncommon. The process of removal and care is explained by our trained doctors.

Our trained doctors are regularly doing this procedure since 2012.


Before Treatment Procedure

If you are facing some problem with these skin tags or warts, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with the relevant doctor at ARYS Health for a prior examination and get your treatment done with cost-friendly rates and experienced consultants.

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